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Breast Cancer Awareness

ALRIGHT, here it is! NMSGDR's October Breast Cancer fundraiser is a unique take on supporting the cause! We are going to do a fundraiser that benefits BOTH NMSGDR Danes and Breast Cancer patients!!! For every $1,000 we raise this month, we 
will donate $100 to a breast cancer research charity and a surprise NMSGDR volunteer will be donating 8-10 inches of their hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program that collects hair for wigs for current cancer patients. We are also reaching out to see if anyone else wants to donate their hair with us! We will be posting instructions on mailing your hair in, and we'd love to have one big package to send to Pantene full of enough hair for more than 1 wig!!!

Also, anyone who donates $150 or more gets a free Scoobies for Boobies t-shirt!!!!  You can also purchase for $20 a piece.

Info on Pantene's Beautiful Lenghs Program

NMSGDR Scoobies for Boobies