Apollo is being fostered in Hattiesburg, MS.

Hello Dane Lovers, my name is Apollo.  I am a 4 year old male Dane with a really sad backstory before NMSGDR came in and changed my life forever.  You see I came from a situation where my mom passed away and my dad's health began to decline rapidly.  He became very sick and couldn't care for us the way we needed.  His neighbors and family found these folks at the rescue who came and got us and fixed us right up.  For most of my life, my dad was the only 2-legged I'd ever seen.  Seeing several people at one time was overwhelming.  I suppose in my mind I thought my owner was the only human there was.  I realize now how silly that was.

I have also found that the people I have met have been kind and loving even when I was not sure how to act in a house with other dogs.  I really was drawn to the females (typical male, huh?).  But I love my foster Dad too. When he comes in from work, I bark to greet him.  He laughs and says that my bark is so deep that it doesn't sound very welcoming.  But he knows that  my wagging tail and happy face give me away.  I cannot help my deep voice any more than Trace Adkins singing those low notes.... Just see the things I have learned.  Mom always has music playing from Aerosmith to Bon Jovi to Miranda Lambert to the Pistol Annies.  I think the Pistol Annies are my favorite.

Initially I had problems getting along with some Danes in my first foster home.  I had a few that were my best friends.  No one there could ever figure my trigger.  So I moved to another foster home with no other dogs.  She took me to work with her some.  I would snooze behind the counter.  According to her I began to jump at people who stepped over me.  Well, my current foster mom took me to the vet to rule out pain.  My X-rays were fine, but I do have some really tight muscles in my back perhaps from an old injury.  My foster mom does this wonderful thing called massage to help my back.  It is so hard to stay awake to enjoy it.  I try so hard, but it never works.  He also said I had ok eyesight but did have some spots in them.  The saddest thing was that my body fit 3 years old, but he said I must have been chewing on rocks and sticks to get more nutrition because my teeth are worn down severely.  My poor foster mom cried.

My current foster mom works with behavior problems, so I came to her house.  I do so love my foster parents.  Dad plays with me.  Mom did some digging and found out everyone who stepped over me did so while I was sound asleep.  My fosters have been working on that, and I have gotten used to it.  Labor Day night mom came in late carrying some bags and did not turn on the lights in the bedoom.  I wasn't in my usual sleeping place.  So she came in and slid into me where her feet hit the wall and went over me and hit her head on the floor.  I was trapped.  I was screaming and mom was screaming that her foot hurt.  Dad came to the rescue and got me free first and then helped mom.  She broke 2 toes, a toe at the ball of her foot, and cracked her ankle.  BUT I think I am cured of being stepped over in my sleep!

I get along fine now with the other dogs here.  There are quite a few dogs here: Molly the Weimaraner, Bia the Chihuahua, Maggie the chow/shepherd mix, Leo a foster Dane, Eli a foster Dane, Bowman a foster Dane, and Vivika a German Shepherd here for training.  So I have a good track record here.                                                                                                                                                                                                
I really like to be near my foster mom.  I even like to sit in te bathroom while she takes a bath.  If she is wathching TV or in the office on the computer, I simply snooze on the floor beside her. I am very loving, but not demanding.  I do not have to be kenneled when my foster parents leave the house.  I love to take walks with Mom.  She says I am perfect on a leash. We have a big field behind the house where we go walking and running without a leash.

One big thing I DO NOT like is loud noises. If someone raises their voices, then I run and hide.  I would be great as an only dog.  I also do well with small dogs.  I have done well with the Danes here, but would need to meet any Danes to see how we would get along.  

Now that I know how great life can be, I am looking forward to find a home of my own. I don't even get on the furniture. Surely you can find a place in your heart and home for a laid back fellow like me.  Let's get together soon!