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Memphis Blues

Memphis Blues FemaleMemphis Blues Male

Memphis Blues female and male are being fostered in Memphis.

This brother/sister pair was pulled from MAS following a cruelty investigation (of which we have no details) on 2/8/15. We have no idea what cruelty they've endured (other than the obvious physical neglect). They were said to be 2yo, but the tartar and wear on their teeth indicates older, though we will not know until their body conditions improve. They are emaciated and eaten up with demodex mange. She is heartworm positive, and though he tested negative, we trust he will test positive soon. The female also has a raging eye infection. Not to mention their horribly swollen feet and rupturing sores on their legs, because the fliud has no place to go.

These babies are starving, but have manners even about their food. Someone at some point has taken time with them. They both sit, and he offers his paw! These two will break your heart. They have a long road ahead, but it will be one of full bellies, comfy beds (inside), and meds to return them to health, which will be hard on them at first, but worth it in the end. Please keep these Memphis Blues babies in your prayers!

And We're taking suggestions of names for these beauties! We're considering Phoenix for the boy (rising up) and Adena for the girl (meaning fire), but we'd love your input!!