Sansa is being fostered in Memphis.

Sansa is my name, and playful mischief is my game!

I’m a Great Dane mix, type Boxer ?? (a fancy way of saying I’m one unique lady).  I’m not that large, but pretty interesting to look at with my striking two-color eyes and single brown legging.  But, I’m even MORE interesting to have around!  I’m deaf, which can be a challenge, but on the UP side I’m not scared of rain or thunder because I can’t hear it.  You should see me in the backyard during a rainstorm, merrily chasing raindrops!

If you are active & like to run, play, and have adventures, I’m your dog!  You’ll never be bored with me.  I’m inquisitive for sure.  The first time I visited one of my friends, I promptly stuck my nose into her glass of milk on the coffee table, then, before she could catch her breath, I’d rambled off to investigate the rest of her home!  (She loves me anyway, because she knows I have a heart of gold.)

I’ll admit that I was worried and jumpy at first, because I’d been through a pretty hard time.  It took a few months for me to adjust to my foster home, but now I’m comfortable and well behaved.  I’ll be so happy when I’ve made that adjustment for the last time! 

I can get along with other dogs, but because I’m both rambunctious and hearing challenged, I’ll probably be happiest if I’m your only dog.  It will help, too, if you are both loving and firm with me.  I’m longing for attention and guidance, and will benefit so much from your patience and discipline! 

Looking forward to a happy, adventure-filled life with you! 

Much love,

So do you think you might want a sassy ball of love?  If so, give me a call!