Sassy & Pearl

Sassy and PearlSassy and Pearl

Sassy and Pearl are being fostered in Memphis, TN.
Sassy (8yo) and Pearl (5yo) were taken from a hoarding situation, where there were several other dogs. Sassy is a full Dane, and Pearl who is her daughter, is half English mastiff and half Dane. Although Pearl has never been away from her mommy, it is Sassy who is so very dependent on Pearl.  Sassy is very sweet and loving but looks to Pearl for reassurance and for confidence. Sassy is shy around people she doesn't know and plays the part of the big bad guard dog, but with a couple pats on the head and a cookie or two, she very quickly learns that everything is okay, and she can let her guard down. On the other hand, Pearl is the class clown. She will put on a show with her silly little antics especially when she gets the zoomies through the back yard. Because these two girls have never been away from each other and seem to be so extremely bonded, we will not separate them, and they must be adopted together. Both Sassy and Pearl are great with any dogs of any size, they get along with the cats and parrot which live in their foster home. Because Sassy has had many litters in her 8 years, she is not a beauty queen (but that is NOT her fault), and her beautiful heart and spirit more than make up for her sagging tummy and many callouses. Pearl and Sassy both are hoping for a forever home.  Although they came from a rough life they were loved by their past owner who fell on hard times and fell ill, and are very loved in their foster home.  We are looking for a special family who have lots of love to give these girls – they so deserve it!