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89/30/2012PaigeIn June of this year, NMSGDR provided us with such a blessing in Sassy, now Lexi. I had been researching the breed for about 1.5 years or so before submitting an application. Although, our criteria was not extensive, it was specific. We wanted a dog with an easy-going temperment (accepting of friends and family as well as other dogs.) In addition, he or she must be able to get along with our 2 existing dogs, one of which is slow to warm-up to other dogs. Trista and Dee Bookout did an exceptional job of matching us with Lexi. Lexi won over my "Willow" with her calm and friendly demeanor in no time. We have taken her out to numerous "doggie" events and she is always a wonderful ambassador for the breed and for NMSGDR. She is not easily shaken or intimidated by other dogs or people. We take every opportunity we have been given (and anyone with a Great Dane knows that there have been a lot of "Where did you get her?" questions) to tell everyone about NMSGDR and about breed rescues in general. She is not our first "rescue" and I can assure you she will not be our last. If you have ever thought about rescueing or fostering, please don't deny yourself the blessing of either. I have had the distinct pleasure of doing both and I can say in all honesty, it has been both a blessing and an honor. If you have ever thought about a Great Dane, this is a wonderful rescue to consider. Thank you to Trista and to the Bookouts, for taking the time to rescue and rehab these wonderful dogs as well as taking the time and effort to diligently review each application, consider the needs of the potential owners, and the needs of the dog in order to make the perfect match! You did that for us and we so very thankful!
75/14/2012Jessica WyerAlmost five months ago, the nmgdr matched me up with a sad little hairless Charlie boy. His Owner had not wanted to deal with his allergies. Considering my medical hystory...who am I to complain about a few medical "issues". Charlie has been life changing! He has not even been here six months and my husband is scared who to ask who is more important him or the dog!(he is not sure he wants the answer)! He has given me back my indepence, mobility, and self confidence. I dont have to dread being home alone all day long, going up and down stairs, or the grocery store. I dont have to inconvience other people or wait until they "get around" to helping me out! Four months into his training and he picks up named items, opens doors, helps me get up, helps me do stairs, backs up fact, how many 1 year old do you know who know approx 35 words?!. He is AMAZING. His brain is huge and his heart is bigger. I can never thank the nmgdr enough for getting him for and to me. And Dee Bookout for matching me with him! She is better than any old internet dating site. I would also like to thank Dee, Bryce, and Kirk for helping me getting his training starting, and answering every panicked or proud phone call. YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN GREAT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!
62/28/2012MelissaWe feel so blessed to have adopted Pearl. She is the most loving and sweet puppy. We are thankful for her every single day and we brag about NMSGDR. I don't know how we survived before Pearl came into our lives. I have spoiled her like you wouldn't believe in hopes of helping her forget her prior mistreatment. Thanks to Trista for helping us to find Pearl and to Tammy for fostering our baby. We are so grateful and happy together.
510/10/2011The BookoutsWe love NMSGDR!! Being a foster family has been the greatest experience for us. People always ask how we can foster and then let them go...the simple answer is how could we not...We have been a part of rehabing Axel, Abby, Beau, Auggie, Roper, Chopper, Roper and now Duncan. Seeing these dogs grow into themselves and choose their new families is so rewarding...along with the others at NMSGDR our trip to heaven is paved with pawprints!!
42/15/2011Liz B.In the Fall of 09 NMSGDR fostered my 8 yr old Shazzy for 2 months after my husband lost his job and we lost our home. Once we got settled in our new place, Trista was more than happy to return Shazzy to us. We missed her so much and were so blessed to have help when we needed it. Shazzy went to the Rainbow Bridge this past November and there isnt a day that does by that we dont miss her. Thank you NMSGDR for helping to keep Shazzy with us durring her last year.
31/20/2011TarynI adopted Lucy from NMSGDR and she has been a blessing to my home! She and my other dane Dana have become the bestest of friends and NMSGDR took awesome care of this beautiful girl! Trista is absolutely amazing and does everything possible to help every single dane she is contacted about. Best Dane rescue I have ever had contact with!!!!!
21/8/2011Maggie S.So seriously, NMSGDR does such a great job of rehabilitating their dogs, both physically and emotionally!
11/8/2011Maggie S.I love the NMSGDR!!!!!!!!!!! Especially the webmaster. What an awesome person!!! :)